SICSS Committee

The School of Integrated Climate System Sciences is supervised by a Committee on graduate affairs, including decisions on admission to the Master’s and doctoral program.

The committee integrates the educational expertise of the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences, and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences.


Current members

Hort, Prof. Dr. Matthias - Head of SICSS, Institute of Oceanography
  Harms, Dr. Ingo - Coordination
  Beckman, Dr. Aike - Academic affairs
Eden, Prof. Dr. Carsten - Co-Head of SICSS, Institute of Geophysics
Hense, Prof. Dr. Inga - Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science
Held, Prof. Dr. Hermann - Co-Head of SICSS, Chair Sustainability Global Change
Kutzbach, Prof. Dr. Lars - Institute of Soil Sciences

Frank Lunkeit - Meteorological Institute
Weitz, Phd Antje - Coordinator IMPRS-ESM, guest


Students’ representatives

Daniele Vieira do Nascimento - Centre for Globalization and Governance

Martha Bolivar - Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change

Matthias Fischer - Institute of Oceanography (IfM)